My Survey Kit Contents

For my first post I felt it was applicable to share the contents of my wireless site survey kit! These are my everyday items that I travel with and bring to every survey. I go into detail as to why I have selected each of these items after performing countless surveys over the past few years. I travel with this kit in my car and check it when flying.

Impact LKB-RCS Light Kit Bag Rolling C-Stand Case

Wifi Stand Bracket

Paul C Buff Vegabond Mini Lithium Battery Pack and spare battery

Bosch BLAZE 65′ Laser Measurer

Manfrotto Alu Master Air-Cushioned Stand (Black, 12′)

Terrawave Universal Articulating Mount

Magnus DWF-2 Universal Tripod Dolly

Other items:

PoE+ Injector, USB to Console adapter, Console cable, Screwdriver, Pliers, Snips, Velcro, Zip ties, various patch cables, and Electrical tape

Survey Kit Contents

I have gone through a few light stands, dollys, and other options and have found this to work best for me. The dolly and light stand collapse down to a very small size and both have the perfect amount of adjustments. The light stand extends to 12′ on its own, the dolly and the Wifi stand both add about 7″ each. Other light stands don’t lay as flat as this Manfrotto stand, take up too much room in the bag, and have too large of a footprint with other dollys making it hard to move through doorways. This stand is only 2’5″ high when laying down and, when combined with the dolly, has a footprint of about 31″.

The Vegabond Mini batteries have lasted me about 5 hours each. The fact that they are detachable is great for traveling; they fit into most backpack water bottle holders for easy access for TSA screening. Depending on the size of the survey I may not bring the extra battery.

Vegabond Mini in backpack

This bag is fantastic because it has straps built into it, has multiple handles, and has wheels. I found that, without strapping down the light stand and dolly, things moved around too much during TSA handling. It is 50″ long; the perfect amount of space.

Impact Light Kit Bag

I can setup everything in a matter of just a few minutes and collapse it just as fast.

AP on a Stick
Extended height

Thanks for reading this post! I hope it is helpful for those planning to survey in the future and for those looking to improve upon their current rig. If you have any questions about this gear or how I use it, feel free to connect with me on Twitter or email me directly!

Bonus Picture – Wally

Curious Cat Wally

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